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30 Year Fixed - Local Servicing
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15 Year Fixed - Local Servicing
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5 Year ARM - Portfolio
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 4.125%  5.155%  0.000%
5 Year ARM - Construction
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 4.125%  5.197%  0.000%

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Loan Officer

505 W. Brown Deer Road
Bayside, WI 53217

Office: (414) 352-8713 x 16
Fax: (414) 352-3860

Email: cyndie.higgins@greatmidwestbank.com
NMLS Registry Number – 296545

Cyndie has been with Great Midwest Bank for over 15 years. She has experience throughout the bank, including Teller, Head Teller, Loan Processor and now a Residential Loan Officer. In addition, Cyndie fulfills the role of Community Reinvestment Officer for the bank.

"I don't know many people that can say "I love my job."  Well I do. There are several reasons why. Working with clients to buy a home is never boring, sometimes challenging and ALWAYS rewarding. By understanding my clients needs, I am able to help them choose the best loan product to suit those needs. I give my customers my complete attention and excellent customer service."

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Applying for a Mortgage or Home Equity Loan online is an easy way to get the process started. You can be sure that Cyndie Higgins will contact you once your application has been submitted and will work with you from application through closing.

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